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Let us guide you! Walking trip featuring Buda Castle

The Castle District of Buda will bring us back in time:  the former castle walls, medieval church remains, royal palace and historic town halls worthy of the UNESCO World Heritage list. This would be one of the most photographed area of your journey, so get those batteries full and prepare for postcard ready sights!

Starting point: Clark Ádám Square

You'll finish at: Várkert Bazár / Danube

Difficulty: 2.5 hours - though can be long(er) as there is a lot to see, plus you need to walk up the hill

What to bring: Comfy shoes, camera, selfie-stick, cash (1000, 2000, 5000 HUF notes and 200, 100, 50 coins are recommended)


We start our tour on Clark Ádám Square, named after the famous designer of Széchenyi Chain Bridge and the Tunnel: Adam Clark Square is easily accessible via the 19/41 trams on the Buda side and the 16/105 buses from the downtown.

The Budavári "Sikló", aka the Buda Castle Funicular - which has been operating since 1870 - is located in the corner of the square, if you take it, you'll  reach the Castle district in a few minutes. (It runs every day between 07: 30-22: 00) During the steep  journey you will have a wonderful view of Budapest, so get those cameras ready! In case you wish to be more adventurous, take the steps from the opposite side of the tunnel and you will reach the area in a good 20 minutes walk. In this case, you will have a bonus opportunity: you can take amazing shots from the top of the tunnel, where we recommend to have a little rest and be mesmerised by the view.

Walking past the Turul statue, you can see the residence of the President of the Republic of Hungary, the Sándor Palace. Keep going north, pass through the Dísz Square you will get to one of the most spectacular locations in Budapest, in the Holy Trinity Square suddenly the beautiful Matthias Church emerges with its colourful Zsolnay tile covering.

Turning to the right, the Fishermen's Bastion is not only one of the most visited place for its special architectural form - it mind remind you to some Disney movie set - but also for breathtaking views. Have the phones and selfie sticks ready, here you must take a selfie! The Fishermen’s Bastion is also a  wonderful spot to admire the famous Fireworks Show in Budapest, which is held on the August 20 every year.

Going further north on the cobbled streets, low-historical houses and cozy restaurants, we reach the northern entrance to the castle district, to the Viennese Gate.

Turn left, pass the Military History Museum and the archives, we reach the remains and the tower of the Maria Magdalene church on Kapisztrán Square, which dates back to the 13th century, built in Gothic style. Going further, we reach the western edge of the Castle district, where we can easily enjoy a long walk under the shade of the chestnut trees, slightly out of the crowd. If you have time, you can pay a visit to the Cave Hospital which has long been hidden behind the promenade, which is a real attraction among the sights of the city.

Going south, we reach the building of the Buda Castle, which can be seen far away, it is unmistakable to miss. Currently, the Hungarian National Gallery is presenting the masterpieces of Hungarian painting. (Watch out for their temporary exhibitions, Frida Kahlo will be on from the 7th July until the 4th November.) On the side of  Hunyadi Square and Matthias Well, which is the "Trevi's Well" in Budapest, an exciting - and one of the most popular sight in Budapest - photo point. After go through the passageway to the other side of the building where you can admire the panorama of the Danube. We walk down the winding road to the Danube, passing the southern bastion, crossing the newly refurbished Várkert Bazár and the castles, which is a remarkable closure of this amazing historic part of town.

All photos from Pixabay

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