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Souvenirs from Budapest

Sometimes you would like to surprise your loved ones with a small present that represents the place you visited. Let’s be honest, it’s not easy to please everyone, and gifts often end up in the bottom of a drawer. However, there’s one thing that will surely make your loved ones happy: bring home a small taste of the country in a bottle.

Hungary is famous for its wine, and whether you prefer red or white, you’ll definitely find something worth taking home. If you’re looking for something very special, pick Tokaj wine. Louis XV of France said after a glass of Tokaji aszú: “This is the wine of kings and the king of wines.”  And he was right.

If you don’t want a dessert wine, but you’re unsure about what to bring as a present, Wineconcept can help you make the best decision. Their Budapest Wine selection contains excellent Hungarian wines, so that you can put the most delicious wine on the table. The collection offers white, red and rosé wines, as well as Grand Budapest sparkling wine, which can be a unique souvenir for those staying at home.

If you prefer stronger drinks, you can take a look at the various types of pálinka. This fermented fruit brandy plays an important role in Hungarian celebrations and family reunions, making it a truly authentic present. The brands GUSTO, Árpád and Bolyhos all guarantee a high quality pálinka, as do Panyolai, Márton és Lányai or Zimek. But be careful, as they are very strong.

PÁLINKA Museum and Bar

1061 Budapest, Király u. 20.

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Unicum is also a Hungarian specialty, and both its taste and its history are incomparable. The Habsburgs’ family doctor, Dr. Zwack offered his homemade herbal liqueur to Emperor Joseph II in 1790, and that’s how the century-old history of Unicum started. The liqueur, made according to an original recipe, is excellent to treat stomach ailments, but if you prefer a lighter taste, you should try Unicum Next or Unicum Szilva (made with plum). If you are interested in the history of the drink and the Zwack family, and wouldn’t mind having a taste of Unicum, don’t miss out on the guided tour at Unicum House. The old distillery was turned into a museum, where you can explore the history of the family and the company, as well as the steps of the production process. While tasting delicious liqueurs, you can take a look at the 25 herbs that the drink is made of and the huge cellar, where Unicum is aged in oak casks.


1095 Budapest, Dandár utca 1.

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Whichever drink you bring home as a present, your bottled memories will surely make your loved ones happy.

Credit: Unicum ház

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