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Healthcare tips for the festive season

We gain more weight between Christmas and New Year’s Eve than between New Year’s Eve and Christmas, as the saying goes. However, already the Advent season holds alluring meals in store for us. This is the time of year when even people that otherwise keep to a diet will feel tempted to overeat. Based on data gathered in departments of internal medicine and gastroenterology, gallbladder problems become more frequent during this season – with a crampy pain under the right costal margin, nausea, vomiting and bloating. These may be already known symptoms for some, but for others this may be the time when gallstones or gallbladder inflammation are diagnosed. Consuming fatty food and alcohol at the same time may provoke an inflammation of the pancreas, which causes such a bad abdominal pain that takes the patient to the doctor’s. In milder cases, the result might be a simple indigestion or an overburdened stomach where symptomatic treatment may result in quick relief. In addition to the joys of the festive season, it is worth introducing a salad made from seasonal fruit or veggies into our diet as well as doing some exercise to give a break to your stomach.

Happy Holidays!

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